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The coming of Tet brings with it so much joy and excitement. Even though the previous year was difficult and tiring, Tet will be a time to rest, celebrate, and reunite. A prophet predicted that in 2024, Tocotoco would send a dragon to bring wealth and fortune to everyone. That confirms that everyone's efforts in the past year will be rewarded.

The artwork is the official image and is certified for use by Tocotoco Bubble Tea
You can buy the products at Tototoco Bubble Tea shop.

The Legend of "Dragon's Treasure" seems familiar in most cultures worldwide. In Vietnam, the dragon image has been used by kings and royals since ancient times as a symbol of power and prosperity. Therefore, in today's folk, when we mention dragons, we often think of money, fortune, and wealth. Those are also things that any person or worker in this society always wishes for.
By combining the curvy shape of the dragon and the cylindrical shape of the paper cup, we created the feeling of the dragon wrapping around and keeping a valuable treasure inside. That treasure is none other than Tocotoco milk tea. Those are all the sweetest that Tocotoco has to bring to everyone in this Tet season.
The official version of lucky money envelopes will be included when purchasing milk tea at Tocotoco tea shop.
The limited edition lucky money envelopes has a more modern and colorful design. This is also a test for us to reach the child customer group. We hope the kids will like Tocotoco.
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