Packaging design & key visual
Tocotoco x Pulu Studio
Milk-tea is a diverse beverage found in many cultures, including a combination of tea and milk. In Vietnam, milk tea seems to be the most popular drink among young people. Even adults love this drink. That inadvertently created a close bond between the two generations in the family.
The artwork is the official image and is certified for use by Tocotoco Bubble Tea
You can buy the products at Tototoco Bubble Tea shop.
In Western, Christmas seems to be the biggest festive season of the year, commemorating the birth of Jesus. It is a religious and cultural celebration for billions of people around the world. On Christmas Eve, "Santa Claus" will drive a reindeer carriage carrying loads of wonderful gifts to give to obedient children.
Similarly in Asia, Vietnamese people also have the biggest festival of the year, which is Tet. And The God of Fortune is a character that often appears these days. Locals believe that the God of Wealth will give them peace, wealth, and career advancement.
Therefore, we also want to combine The God of Wealth and the full of gifts carriage to enhance the value of Tocotoco milk-tea. We can see Tocotoco as a gift that The God of Wealth gives to everyone, every home, bringing so many sweet & cohesive things and also appearing everywhere.​​​​​​​
The Fortune Cat and The Gifts Carriage will be the iconic images for Tocotoco. Both familiar and new through cultural factors such as cyclo, God of fortune, Vietnamese family, cherry blossom tree, red envelopes, gold bars, etc. The Fortune Cat will represent Tocotoco brings sweet things to everyone.​​​​​​​
Every glass of water you own will be like having your own fortune cat. And the gift which the cat brings to you are the lucky red envelopes. You can use it to share your luck with everyone.
With each order, you will receive a set of 3 red packets. The problem that Tocotoco gave us was: this gift must be really interesting, valuable and reusable. Therefore, we have created a red envelope with a special structure. We can reuse them into a very interesting table decoration. Especially, do not use any kind of glue.
You can buy the official products at Tototoco Bubble Tea shop
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