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Amusement parks or circuses are the places that attract the most tourists during the Christmas season. Because there are many games, it is a place to create laughter for young people, children, and adults. With everyone's eagerness and enthusiasm for Christmas, at Tocotoco we also build our entertainment world, which will bring you the sweetest things and the most joy.
The artwork is the official image and is certified for use by Tocotoco Bubble Tea
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Through market research, we have found that when it comes to Christmas, a list of images often appears in our subconscious, such as pine trees, Santa Claus, bustling melodies, red and blue colors, amusement parks, circuses, snow, cookies, etc. so we aim to bring Tocotoco's products to that list. They are a friendly milk tea brand in Vietnam.
At Tocotoco amusement park, we stylized the merry-go-rounds with a familiar cup of milk tea. Toppings are also used to create children's fun areas. Christmas trees and other decorations were also added in a very unique way. We hope that Tocotoco amusement park will create new joys and new laughter for everyone. A cup of Tocotoco milk tea will be an unforgettable part when you think about the festive seasons and bustling entertainment places.
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