Packaging Set 6
Cici Thuong Dinh Yen x Pulu Studio
Bird's nest is known as a high-class, luxurious food because it has high nutritional and medicinal values. For example: anti-aging, anti-cancer, improve concentration. Protein is the most abundant component of bird's nest. Bird's nest contains all the essential amino acids. With natural ingredients, the story of the sea has been told through CiCi Thuong Dinh Yen's fresh bird's nest product.
All images below are official products.
You can buy the products at CiCi Thuong Dinh Yen official store.​​​​​​​
With a basic, easy-to-understand story, the illustrations created are also modern, comfortable, and concise.
Bird's nest is shaped flexible, resonate with the effect of glittering gold material to create luxury. We also designed specifically the lettering in calligraphy style, creating an impression and differentiating from the market.
The packaging is neatly designed with thin paper material, but it is the structure that makes the complete sturdy box.​​​​​​​
"Portrait of beauty" is the idea we implemented in the promotional images of the new packaging. If framing is how you cherish a portrait, Thuong Vy Yen is how you preserve your beauty.​​​​​​​
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