Packaging Gold Set 
Cici Thuong Dinh Yen x Pulu Studio

Bird's nest is known as a high-class, luxurious food because it has high nutritional and medicinal value. To upgrade the current brand's packaging set to cater to high-class customers, we want to bring an impressive-feeling from the gift of the elite. 
All images below are official products.
You can buy the products at the CiCi Thuong Dinh Yen official store.
In order to serve the classy environment, swallows are also beautiful, natural, and aesthetically appealing birds.  will add soft patterns to the swallow's wings and body to create a sparkle in motion.
Placing the jars of bird's nest next to each other will reveal a wonderful flock of swiftlets.
Besides, a flower showing regal also contributes to adorn the elegance of the packaging, which is chrysanthemum. The royal dynasties especially used this flower a lot. And appeared in almost all royal publications in Vietnam. To create accents when changing flavors, we have adorned the petals with different colors, matching the color of that flavor.
When all objects are yellow, the question arises for us: "What element can really stand out among these yellows?". And we chose gold/metallic emulsion. The gold material seems to have done its job, making the background for all other elements more luxurious, high-class, and luminous, thanks to the reflection of light.
And then, we had the Thuong Vy Yen Gold Set.
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