Packaging 2022
Savoure x Thuong Hieu Vu (THV) x Pulu Studio

Vuon Dem Trang is a project to reposition the brand image of the Savoure brand in the mid-autumn season of 2022. We formed the project based on the context of the Savoure brand investment in The Child Protection Fund in Vietnam. Vuon Dem Trang brings a colorful, funny, magical wonderland that always seems to appear in the imagination of children, even teenagers.
All images below are official products.
You can buy the products at Savoure official store.
​​​​​​​For the double cake package, a pomegranate flower garden appears shimmering and fanciful. The joy in the children's activities, the extraordinary in the magnitude of flying lanterns is the momentum, and a magical atmosphere are novel elements that contribute to the fascination of the artwork.
The main product in the Vuon Dem Trang project is a package of 4 moon cakes. The name of the painting is Vuon Bach Hop (Lily Garden). Perhaps this is the least used flower image in the past Mid-Autumn Festival. But so we have been very careful in taking care of art works to create unique and fancy for consumers. In folklore, lilies are also called Bach Hop flowers (meaning reunion). Besides, the drums are also exaggerated in size to increase the level of interaction between children and the garden.
We extracted the key elements to concretize the VDT idea that we want to bring. For example: Lanterns, moon, Saigon, children... objects mentioned throughout the project implementation from the beginning of 2022. That shows the focus and strength in the message from Savoure.
Following the remnants of the mid-autumn festival in 2021, we have kept the package with carp image to create familiarity for customers with the high-end mooncake line. We made the box of metal, has many unique embossing and gold effects. The element of the carp pond in the middle of the moon night garden reminds us of flow, continuity, and smoothness. The children released floating lights on the water, contributing to the mystery and shimmer of the space full of love and miracles.
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