Key visual
PNJ X NEXT Creative x Pulu Studio
As a long-standing jewelry brand, PNJ always invests in their brand image as neat, gorgeous and high value as their products. With the idea of "Heaven's Gate", we want to describe the brilliance of jewelry as the light of heaven. Owning an expensive jewelry product means your life is truly brilliant and shining. If not, this jewelry will do it for you.
The artwork is the official image and is certified for use by PNJ, the leading jewelry brand in Southeast Asia.
You can buy the products at PNJ official store.

Heaven's Gate is the gate showing the entrance to the sacred place. When Heaven's Gate open, the light of heaven will flow like a stream, illuminating the entire world, giving wealth and fortune to people. Asians believe that, if someone owns a thing from the upper world, then good luck will come to them.
Right from the first sketches, the Heaven's Gate image has oriented to be a monumental background for the appearance of the god of fortune. Besides the details showing prosperity and wealth such as gold bars, gold coins, tangerine trees, gold chests, gems, treasures, red packets... the cat image is also used to match the mascot representing the year 2023.​​​​​​​
Key Visual
Similar to previous projects of Pulu Studio, our works always have an interesting combination and combination of artistic images and cultural elements, between colors and layout,... The yellow Heaven's Gate shown in Western colors, with a bit of Catholicism, combined with The God of Wealth in red, typical in Asian culture. We wanted to create novelty by combining contrasting symbols. That will help consumers feel excited when owning products with such high aesthetics.​​​​​​​
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