Packaging Gift Set
Cici Thuong Dinh Yen x Pulu Studio

Tet is coming! This is a time to bring people together no matter where they come from, sending each other gifts and countless New Year's wishes in various forms. After all, everyone wants to be peaceful and healthy. Instead of Tet's wishes, the safe & healthy product from CiCi Thuong Dinh Yen is a very meaningful Tet gift.
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Ngoc Yen Kim Mieu is an artwork that recreates the magnificent party organized by Quy Mao to treat the other zodiacs with nutritious food and drinks provided by Ngoc Yen who is the representative of Cici Thuong Dinh Yen.​​​​​​​
Ngoc Yen is an extremely rare swallow, we consider them the queen of swallow. Kim Mieu is the metaphorical word about "Rich Cat", who will bring a lot of luck and prosperity to everyone. He is also the mascot of the year 2023 in Vietnam​​​​​​​
No longer encapsulated in the traditional concept of celebrating Tet, the image of Tet today has become an extremely diverse blend of traditional stories and modern in drawings, aesthetics and applicative in the future. And that beauty "from the inside out" will replace our words of peace to everyone, every home.​​​​​​​
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