Tet is the transition point between the old year and the new year, between a cycle of operations of time, all things, plants, and trees. Besides, there is the harmony between heaven and earth, the connection between family and society, and the combination of efforts and achievements. Tet is like a sign from the universe that you are about to receive worthy results for the past year and will begin a journey for the new year. Come to CiCi Thuong Dinh Yen to receive the achievements that you deserve!

The artwork is the official image and is certified for use by CiCi Thuong Dinh Yen
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Dior is one of the high-end fashion brands worldwide. By displaying luxurious and classy motifs, they have increasingly enhanced the brand's position in the market. Therefore, we passionately love and rely on Dior for our inspiration. By depicting in detail the constellations that Dior has been very successful in, combined with the oriental image of the Dragon and Phoenix, we have also brought a truly luxurious feeling to our customers.

With this design, we want to create a spiral that represents the harmony between the following elements: Dragon and Phoenix, Matter and Universe, and Yin and Yang. All balance will converge to the center, where CiCi Thuong Dinh Yen reigns.

The image of a Dragon and Phoenix entwined together, carrying Fortune and Luck from the universe behind them is a symbol of development and prosperity.

We hope that when everyone receives this gift in their hands, it will be like possessing all the good omens and abundance that the universe has to offer. That is not only the joy of the recipient and the giver, but also the joy of CiCi Thuong Dinh Yen and Pulu Studio, the people who directly drew this work also are extremely proud.

With all love and sincerity, CiCi Thuong Dinh Yen and Pulu Studio wish everyone a happy, prosperous, and fulfilling new year. Hopefully, the best of luck will come to all of us. Thank you very much!

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