Mooncake Packaging 2023
Bach Lac x Pulu Studio
Proud of the traditional values Bach Lac has maintained and cultivated for over 30 years, 2023 signifies a significant step in enhancing our brand image through packaging strategy. Huu Phung Lai Nghi stands as our top-tier Mid-Autumn Festival gift set, bolstering our market position and granting access to the upscale consumer segment.
All images below are official products.
You can buy the products at (official website).

Combining traditional Chinese elements like the phoenix, peony, and treasure, we crafted a stunning space depicting a radiant phoenix, bringing auspicious signs to those who encounter it.

When several brands opted for the dragon image to assert their stance, we introduced the phoenix image as a contrasting symbol. As the box is opened step by step, the wings of each phoenix unfold gradually. It's only when the bird's wings gleam in the sky that everyone can relish the delightful cakes together.

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