Grönstedts Le National
Packaging illustration

Every year on the Swedish national day Grönstedts release 'Le National', their flagship cognac of limited release. This year, 1500 bottles of Le National cognac will be released.

Our objective was not only to design a premium product but to develop the foundation of art on packaging to deliver a truly special experience that would appeal to all five senses. Le National longs for a world of romance and poetry and reconnects to the origins of the brand and bridges a divide across two cultures. A cognac for those who seek the calmness of the night. 

Art Director: Pulu Studio x RedCat Motion
Painter: Pulu
Designer: Phuong Nguyen
Project Manager: Tan Le
All images below are not official products.
They are only demo to display the artwork.
You can find the official products at Grönstedts Le National store in France

In hopes to active the whole brand, a new strategy was created to lift the unique dual origin of the product. Le National briefed us to lift the quality of Le National’s appearance to match that of the product within.

In order for a black panther to turn into a leopard, the most important thing is the spots on the body. From a hiding position in the night, our mascot actively attracted the curiosity of the entire forest. With the quality of the traditional wine from France and the artistic crust from Sweden, it creates the perfect combination like never. That will enhance brand value and consumer ownership value.

The harshness, decisiveness, is the thorn bush behind the leopard. Le National wants to show confidence in the quality of their products. A limited edition of wine is enough to keep connoisseurs hooked. And they will also be the apricot butterflies that bring the spectacular transformation that we are trying to show.

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