DAISY New Year 2024
Huu Nghi Food x Pulu Studio
Combining Eastern and Western cultures, Daisy has brought a brilliant spring to everyone. An Eastern wind blows through a European spring garden, yielding a bountiful harvest of fruits and a fulfilling year.
All images below are official products.
You can buy the products on Huu Nghi Food's shelves in most supermarkets in Vietnam.
We have selected a spring garden to symbolize the prosperity favored by Westerners and the good fortune desired by Easterners.
This is the tradition of welcoming the wind at the start of the year in European nations. On January 1st each year, people typically gather to observe the wind's direction. If it is the Eastern Wind, the year will yield abundant fruit, and families will enjoy a good harvest.
​​​​​​​We have a very modern packaging set with a flat design, which sets us apart from other packaging in the industry this holiday season. Our pride and joy are creating beautiful packaging with lucky meanings for consumers. This will not only bring business efficiency but also motivate Daisy and us to develop together.
You see, this box is very beautiful! You can display it anywhere in the house. It is also suitable for most ages, from young people to adults. You can give it to anyone you love, just like giving them a flower garden. That is also the love that we put into our designs for you.
When people nationwide embraced Daisy as a favorite brand due to the beauty of our packaging, we gathered and acknowledged that this positive outcome was truly worthwhile.
We sincerely appreciate the love from our consumers! Thank you!
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