Do you know? Like America, Taiwan also has a burger that Taiwanese people have adapted to suit Asian tastes. They have cleverly combined the burger including bread and meat with traditional Taiwanese sauces. That creates a unique and extremely new look for street food. For the first time, Taiwanese burgers appeared in Hochiminh City.
Please enjoy with us!

The artwork is the official image and is certified for use by Bo-go nao-co
You can buy the products at Bo-go nao-co shop.

With the criterion of introducing traditional Taiwanese values to Vietnamese people, we designed the brand name based on inspiration from calligraphy, with the endings of the letters looking like brush extremely distinctive strokes.

For the symbol, we combined three familiar traditional Taiwanese elements including seal, peach blossom, and coin. All three of the above elements combined with the vowel "ơ" which is a play on words expressing surprise in Vietnamese. This creates a youthful, more interesting, and more suitable for young people, for a brand that already has too many traditional elements.

Color is also one of the important factors that help brand recognition. We used basic colors and combined them in a free and flexible way. That has brought great efficiency to packaging when there are so many sauces and flavors.

As mentioned, traditional elements are expressed from the very core of this brand. Because this brand is managed by a family of many members with more than 30 years of experience in the Taiwanese culinary industry. Together, they built and formed all the types of flavors that Bo-go nao-co is selling. That also creates prestige and closeness to consumers in Vietnam. That is also the reason why the set of 4 mascots was born.
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