Bach Lac Bakery x Pulu Studio

With the desire to affirm the position of the baking brand that has been established for more than 30 years in Saigon, Bach Lac Bakery launches a high-class mooncake set consisting of 6-9 peeling flakes of pastry with diversity and unique flavors. That creates new options for today's traditional mooncake market. By our determination, Pulu Studio promises to bring worthy packaging products, helping consumers to confidently buy and give to the people they love.
All images below are official products.
You can buy the products at (official website).

​​​​​​​Hoa Quynh's scientific name is Epiphyllum. Hoa Quynh is known as "The queen of the night" because this flower only blooms at night. Flowers have a gentle, ethereal, passionate, and seductive scent, leaving people enjoying an unforgettable feeling. Hoa Quynh is a noble flower, only for those who can appreciate beauty, patiently waiting for passionate moments while enjoying the flower scene on a full-moon night.​​​​​​​
​​​​​​​Diancui is the art of creating jewelry that combines gold and kingfisher feathers by attaching. From thousands of years ago, Diancui became the great skill of the royal family and a wonderful royal craft. Diancui has the effect of adorning gold and silver jewelry, making them beautiful through the blue color of the kingfisher's feathers. Diancui technology brings elegance, high class, luxury as well as nobility to its owner. With the family's long tradition of baking, Bach Lac wishes to bring not only a simple cake, but also a beautiful cultural value from the homeland (China).
​​​​​​​The feeling of being next to the family, drinking tea together, cutting a moon cake to enjoy, and waiting to see the flowers bloom on the night of the full moon is truly beautiful. It reminds us of the value of life as well as comforts our souls, helping us slow down to reflect on ourselves.
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